Kids in Action is a charity for special needs children with a strong focus on positively transforming young people’s lives.

Since 1996, we have provided opportunities and support to children, young people and young adults with disabilities and special needs in the UK.

From our centre in Dunstable we run a variety of clubs, as well as daily, weekly and school holiday activities.

From social and sporting events, to holidays and day trips, we are always coming up with new ideas and activities to change and enrich young people’s lives.

We have plans to expand further in the future too, by opening three more centres throughout the UK!

It may come as a surprise that up to 18% of the population in the UK has a disability, with 2% of the population born with a learning disability.

We are confident that our hard work is helping such young people with disabilities and special needs to achieve their aspirations and goals, reach their full potential and earn respect for their achievements.

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Holidays That Make Memories And Dreams Come True!!!!


In 2006 we bought our first caravan to provide great family holidays to our members, due to the success of this first one we have since purchased 2 more giving us a total of 3 and we are still looking to add to this which will mean more holidays, to date our families have enjoyed over 300.

  • 1st Caravan is a 6-berth with 2 bedrooms
  • 2nd Caravan is a 5-berth fully adapted for disabled with 2 bedrooms, low level worktops, walk in wet room and ramp
  • 3rd caravan is a 6-berth with 3 bedrooms. Located on Clacton-on-Sea

Please see caravan page for more information...


Jamie Connorton is a twenty-six year old special needs adult. He attended Glenwood, Hillcrest and Central Beds College as his primary, secondary and tertiary education. He also attended Mill Vale Middle school as part of another now defunct inclusion experiment.

He has only recently (2014) been diagnosed with a chromosome defect, micro deletions on 6Q21, and makes regular trips to St George's hospital and Guys and St Thomas's hospital.

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This doesn't worry him as he isn't a glass half full or half empty type of man, the glass is always full and Jamie enjoys his life to the limits. He is always a happy and gregarious fellow and can be found at KIA creatively hustling pool, chatting and barracking his friends. KIA is Jamies' second home, he would like to go there seven days a week and perhaps move his bed in!

Jamie first went to KIA from Pathways at Central Beds College and enjoyed it but initially was loathe to join KIA without the support of his peers. This soon changed with Pauls persuasion and he's been a member since 2015. KIA has been a major influence in his life since leaving CBC, helping him develop a diverse circle of friends who support each other. He has also joined in fully on the social side of KIA, playing air guitar with Melvis, karaoke, quiz nights, promotions and discoes.


Summer joined Kids in Action 2016, she adores her time at the clubs and gains a lot from the experiences it gives her.

She is 8 years old and has A.S.D and has had many obstacles and challenges too overcome. Despite this Summer maintains the most infectious, comical personality that warms everyone’s hearts, she is a quite a little character.

Since becoming a member of the charity she has been able to overcome lots of her battles with social interaction and meant she has been able to build her confidence and make friends.

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Summer has an older brother with disabilities and he has also been able to attend with her and enjoy the social activities in a caring, non-judgemental environment and become part of the Kids in Actions family.

Clubs and Caravan Holidays

Youth club for age 4 – 18
Over 18’s for 18 +

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We hold many sponsored events throughout the year including bowling, cabaret nights, runs etc to raise money for our charity.

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Fancy doing something different to raise money for our charity and take The £1000 Challenge to help us buy our current home.

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